Operations to management, We have solution for all your work to be done effortlessly
  • Point of sale system - A complete POS software to automate your operations
  • Payments Invoice Generation - Generate invoice online and send them to your customers directly.
  • Mobile and contactless payments - Take easy payments from your customers anywhere and anyhow.
  • Reservations - Let your customers make reservations in advance
  • Support all hardwares - Cogent POS can be used on any hardware, may it be phone, tablet, or computer.
  • Works Offline - Always be up and running even when you don't have access to internet.


Get real-time updates on what exactly you have and what are you running out of with our Inventory management. Keeping your business aware of the costs and savings.
  • Stock inventory - Maintain the list of all your products to know when are they needed.
  • Vendor management - Manage and procure your staffing services.
  • Pricing and Promotions - Keep a track of all the prices and the promotions you’re running on your products.


Get complete information about your business, live reports on what’s happening at what time like sales and profit of your work which can help you make quick data-driven decision.
  • Bills and discount info - Track all your bills & discounts to understand the expenses and savings of your business.
  • Management apps - Get access to apps to track, view and take charge of your operations
  • Costing of products - Get a report of all the costs of your products in one place
  • Cloud based - Now save all your data in cloud to never loose it
  • Secured - Your Customer data is always safe with us because it autosaves the information on cloud and also saves it locally.


Get all the ways possible to maintain a good relation with your customers, after all they are who you’re working so hard for
  • Feedback system - We help in getting feedback from your customers to understand the area of improvement.
  • Reward program - Attract your customers by offering great rewards.


Cogent POS helps you integrate with features that will boost your business to success, like integration with reward program to increase your customer loyalty or integration with mobile wallet to make payment making easy for your customers
  • Online ordering - Bring your business online to reach all your customers.
  • Delivery services - Deliver your products to your customers doorstep.
  • Mobile Wallet - Activate your own wallet for customers to make payment to via their phones.


Reach your customers on every point you can
  • Automated Marketing Campaigns - create smart marketing campaigns to engage your customers and retain them.